Best Fish Finder for The Money 2017

best fish finder

Whether you venture out into the deep blue or just prefer to puddle hop for an afternoon, if you are casting lures it always helps to be able to see what you are casting at. If you are new to electronic fish finders than it can be hard to decipher the real deals from the […]

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The Best Portable Fish Finder 2017

best portable fish finder

If you are looking for a great way to track fish on the go, then these portable fish finders are really tipping the scales in your favor! If you feel like you are just treading water in making a decision you’ve come to the right place because we are about to dive right into everything […]

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Buyer’s Guide: The Best Kayak Fish Finder

best kayak fish finder

If you have a kayak or any other small boat, you already know how important your above water real estate can be. Kayaks are a lot of fun, easy to travel with, and just an all-around great way to spend the summer days escaping the heat on the water. However, they certainly can be small […]

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