HawkEye FT1P Fish Trax

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4.4/5 on March 7, 2017

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A little while back I decided it was time to get a portable fish finder for my canoe. I used to have a little bass boat and that had a nice mounted fish finder, but eventually I decided to sell it for a healthier option. I used to use canoes when I was younger and decided to go back to the old-school days of paddling my boat to get a little extra exercise. I’m happy with the decision and decided I was going to stick with it. Once my mind was made up I realized I should probably get another fish finder. I decided on a portable one and the HawkEye FT1P Fish Trax got my attention. I purchased it and I have to say I am very happy with the way it has been able to perform so far. The battery life alone would probably make it worth the purchase for me, but that couple with the price and all the other features it comes with puts this fish finder way ahead of the competition in my book. I have a lake right in my back yard and I spend a lot of time out there and can’t be bothered with a fish finder that can’t keep up with me.

  • LED screen display
  • Boat mounting option
  • Measures both water depth and temperature
  • Equipped with dual frequencies
  • Sonar sensitivity adjustment options

Breakdown of the Features

One of the more useful options (you know, besides being a fish finder) is that it has a mounting option for your boat, and even measures temperature and water depth. Equipped with dual-frequencies for optimal use, there are also sonar sensitivity adjustment options if you want to really be precise.

First Impression

It blew my old portable out of the water with all its extra features and I was very impressed with everything from the clarity of the LED screen display to the sheer number of hours the thing could last without needing its batteries changed. The box advertised that it could last up to thirty hours and I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical, but I’m thoroughly convinced now that the estimate is pretty accurate. I always bring extra batteries with me just in case but I have never had to use them as long as the ones I put in it to take out with me are fully charged. This device is a pretty amazing piece of equipment for everything it does. It is compact enough that it can fit pretty nicely in the palm of my hand and when I mounted it to the front of my canoe using a suction cup mount I bought separately and there have not been any issues.

The Advantages of the Product

I really like the adjustability of the sonar with the dual frequencies, though I am not really using them to their full potential most likely. There are a ton of preset options to choose from to help you find a bunch of different sized fish or a really sharp image of what the bottom looks like. Personally, I don’t tend to use the higher frequency settings because the image gets a little cluttered and can be difficult to read because the transmitter is literally picking up everything floating in the water. However, I do plan on working my way up to it at some point because I know if you can learn to read it, it is a highly effective way to fish. I’m just not there yet.

The screen is also really easy to read (if you keep it on the low frequency like I do anyway). I like how the low frequencies really enhances the clarity of what is on the screen, allowing you to see the bottom, plant life, if there are large obstructions down there that your line might get snagged on, and of course the fish.

It is great for entry level anglers and is easy enough for my grandson to use. I have the fish finder mounted on the front thwart and I let my grandson read it and set the programs when we go out together. When he gets a little older I’ll probably get him one he can start using from the shore, but for now he is really proud of himself for being able to control the fish finder when I take him out.

The last major advantage I think the HawkEye FT1P Fish Trax has to offer the competition is the functionality and the price. It is a super compact device making it easy to bring anywhere, the adjustability of the frequencies is a really nice feature, and it is super easy to use. But above all, the thing that I think makes other competitors dead in the water is the battery life. It advertises that the batteries can last up to thirty hours and I one-hundred percent believe it.

The Disadvantages of the Product

I think, when it comes to technology specifically, there will always be some kind of trade-off in the features (unless you have enough money to throw at the latest and greatest thing). Odds are, you will have to prioritize some features over others. For example, one of the things I prioritize beyond most other amenities was the battery life, which this device has in spades. The tradeoff I suppose would be that this device is fairly low on the technological spectrum and it will freeze from time to time. But, for the price I think it would still be extremely hard to beat.

What’s in the Box?

It comes with the transducer and the receiver. Batteries are not included and if you want to mount it to your boat or kayak you will have to buy the extra accessories to do so. While there isn’t a ton of stuff included, these are worth mentioning.

The Final Verdict

Overall, I think the HawkEye FT1P Fish Trax is a great beginner product that is easy to use and really helped me improve my angling, and once I get used to reading the higher frequency imagines I imagine it will continue to do so. I am very pleased with this product and would likely buy it again. If you are looking for a portable fish finder that can last on the water as long as you can, then this is the one you want and for the price I don’t think you’re going to find anything that works as well as this one does.