MadBite FX3000 Fish Finder

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4.4/5 on March 7, 2017

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I couldn’t be happier with this fish finder as I can use it to cast from shore and bring it with me when I fish from my kayak without any worries. It has a long-lasting battery and a few features that my last fish finder didn’t have that make everything so much easier. If you are a beginner or even a professional angler I definitely recommend the MadBite FX3000 Fish Finder if you are looking for a reliable and portable device to help you find those elusive big fish. With this you won’t just be telling tales, you can have your friends eat their doubtful words when you bring back physical evidence. Maybe you’re not as petty as I am, but that is definitely the first thing I did. What good are friends if you can’t show off to them every so often?

  • Color LED screen display.
  • Can read up to 400ft in depth.
  • Audible alarms for fish and low battery warning.
  • Receiver is both water resistant and buoyant.
  • Measures both water depth and temperature.

Breakdown of the Features

The audible alarm for fish helps those who are hard of seeing in certain times of the day, allowing you to catch fish, even if you don’t have the best eyesight anymore. Not only is the receiver water-resistant, but it’s also buoyant in case you drop it in the water. The reason why water resistance is so important is because many on the market currently are not waterproof, yet their main job is to be around water. Crazy, huh?

First Impression

My first impression with the MadBite FX3000 Fish Finder was definitely a positive one. My last fish finder was a Venterior Portable Fish Finder and I thought that was a good one until I got my hands on this one. I never used to bring my old Venterior out on the kayak with me because it wasn’t waterproof (I know, it always seemed like an oversight to me too but whatever, it was thirty dollars-ish). I paid a pretty penny for my MadBite, though nothing too crazy or outside of what I was willing to pay and man-oh-man can you tell the difference.

The Advantages of the Product

There are a lot of advantages to having this device that I didn’t even know I needed when I had my old one. Like I said, I can take it out when I’m kayaking now. I did a couple of times with my other one (put it in a plastic bag) but I would always end up worrying about it and just not use it. This one is not only waterproof but it floats too, so if I accidently drop it there are no worries, it will stay right on top of the water where I want it. There is an option to mount it to your boat, though I haven’t chosen to do that. I like how it can be used in pretty much any body of water too, as I tend to switch things up between lakes with my kayak, shore fishing, and once in a blue moon I’ll go to the river, but that is pretty rare. I haven’t tried it in the river yet but I can’t really see it having any problems.

Another this I absolutely love about the MadBite is the cast-off type transducer. With the Venterior I had the transducer was attached to this big floaty thing that you would have to chuck into the water with a twenty-foot cord. You couldn’t really get a wide range with it but the thing that really got me is it wouldn’t detect my jig at all. So, here I am with all the fish around and it was really difficult to figure out where I needed to be casting my lure in relation to the floating transducer. It was a pain, needless to say. BUT, now the transducer is in a little ball that I attach to my lure, which means whatever it is picking up is right around where I already am and I know the transducer is transmitting right above my bait. No guess work, just easy fishing. Also, it uses dual frequencies to transmit data and you can adjust those frequencies to hone in on the kind of objects you want to find.

The last thing I’ll mention about what I like about this fish finder is how long the battery lasts. I know this is a big deal breaker between people teetering on a portable device or a boat mounted one and I can see why. I mean, if you have the money to throw at a more expensive product, by all means be my guest but I really like the portable ones for the price and functionality. And that being said, the batteries last about as long as I care to be in a boat. The last time I went out I was out for seven hours-ish and it didn’t die. I do bring back up batteries in my tackle box just in case but I haven’t had to use them.

The Disadvantages of the Product

I guess you could say the price is a disadvantage, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable for all the extra stuff you’re getting. If you are tight on money, there are definitely cheaper options to go with, but if you have the collateral I’d say it’s worth it to just foot the bill now and not have to worry about it again. However, the maximum 400ft. depth reading is a bit low in comparison with other models on the market, but it suffices and outperforms many.

What’s in the Box?

There’s not too much extra gadgetry, just the basic stuff you need to get it setups like the receiver, transponder, and optional mounting stuff. Batteries not included.

The Final Verdict

Overall, I really like this snazzy little gadget and it really does make a difference in the consistency I can catch fish. I would highly recommend it to beginners because it’s so easy to use but also professionals because of all the cool functions.